A time capsule dating back to the 19th century has been unearthed

A time capsule dating back to the 19th century has been unearthed at the site of Bingley Hospital.

It was discovered by a specialist company employed to get rid of asbestos from the premises so that the disused building, in Fernbank Drive, Bingley, can be demolished safely.

The capsule from 1889 contains some coins, a copy of the Bingley Herald, a sister title of the Telegraph & Argus, and a document containing the names of people who invested money in the building of the hospital.

It was found buried in the cavity walls of the hospital by the project manager for the Caswell Group.

The company specialises in asbestos decontamination and removal of asbestos and has just started work on the site. It is the second time capsule to be unearthed at the site. The first also contained coins, accounts and a the Keighley News from Saturday, July 22, 1911.

The second capsule will be given to the St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Crow Nest Road, so pupils can use of it in their studies.

John Exton, sales manager at the Caswell Group, said: “It’s very rare for us to come across time capsules. The contents are really interesting and even more so for people who live in the area and remember when the hospital was in use.”

Mike Dyson, estates manager for NHS Bradford and Airedale, said: “We were really surprised to hear about the discovery of a time capsule, especially as this is the second to be found at the site. The first was discovered while moving a memorial stone to the new Canalside Health Centre in December, 2009.”

Bingley Hospital is owned by NHS Bradford and Airedale. The plan is to demolish the hospital and sell the site, once the asbestos has been dealt with and some bats that have been found at the premises have been moved.

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