Caswell Group have published a Guide to Managing Asbestos in School Buildings

Caswell Group have published a Guide to Managing Asbestos in School Buildings, to download the guide, click the icon on the right.  Asbestos must be properly managed to prevent people dying from asbestos diseases in the future. Workers who carry out building maintenance and repair are particularly at risk. According to "The majority of schools contain asbestos. The teaching unions consider that total removal is the safest option, whereas the Government consider that "managing" asbestos is the best system. If asbestos is in a good condition and undamaged then an effective system of management can be effective. However there is increasing evidence that a significant number of schools are not managing their asbestos effectively and that in many cases the asbestos is not in good condition. Much of it is hidden and a normal asbestos survey will not identify the fact that fibres are being given off; only comprehensive air-testing can determine that. The effective management of asbestos in schools is essential because children are particularly vulnerable to developing disease after an exposure to asbestos".

If you are responsible for managing the maintenance and repair of a school building, you must manage any asbestos in it. As well as protecting people from exposure to asbestos fibres, you have a legal duty to manage asbestos (under regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012).